Monday, December 24, 2012

Thank you and Happy Holidays From Raleigh What's Up

Thank you for Fulllsteam's Fruitcake at Bottlemixx in North Raleigh.

Thank you for amazing coffee breaks at Sola Coffee forcing us to stop and enjoy the company of great friends.

Thanks for last minute gifts and a great afternoon of artwork at NC Museum of Art.

Thanks for pre-drinks at Busy Bee Raleigh before holiday dinners!

Thanks for an amazing assortment of cheesy appetizers for family gatherings at Village Market.

Thanks for the best family holiday dinner at Gravy in downtown Raleigh.

Thanks for the coffee education and a new appreciation of local coffee at Larry's Beans.

Thanks for new creative beer/coffee concoctions with Slingshot Coffee!

Thanks for local and monthly member bevvies from Bottle Revolution for gifts and our own imbibing.

Thanks for a great keg of Lonerider ESB  beer for our holiday party!

Thanks to Jubala Coffee for delicious holiday morning breakfasts!
Thanks to Deco Raleigh for last minute gift options served with beverages and great customer service!

Thank you to Tasty Beverage for unique beverages and keeping our beer options from ever being boring!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shop. Local. Raleigh.

So there's absolutely no avoiding it.  Christmas sneaks up more and more quickly every year.

Jewelry and unique gift items at Deco Raleigh.
With that being said, I have just started to approach my Christmas shopping list,  and I'm definitely leaning more local this year.  Why do I want to spend time sitting in crazy lines fighting for a parking spot three miles from the stores? Why stand in line 50 people deep with one register open trying to get the best "bargain"deals with crazy loud holiday music blasting at full volume?? ;-)

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, just need to approach it differently this year. We spent a recent Saturday (Nov 24)  in downtown Raleigh supporting the Small Business Saturday effort  and what a great way to spend a day getting gifts, experiencing great customer service, even enjoying a delicious meal and beverage while doing it! Now that's the holiday spirit!! Instead of taking part in crazy Black Friday, we waited and went downtown on Saturday and started at Raleigh Denim. Great quality products and unique upscale shopping for men and women. Next we went to Tasty Beverage and picked up their joint effort beverage with FullSteam brewery (Fullsteam Chombers One), celebrating their first year of business. These bottles are limited but are the best idea for hostess gifts, your craft beer friends, family, etc.  While your at it, Slingshot Coffee sells their coffee concentrate and ready-to-drink cold coffee which also make great gifts. If you're into chocolate, try stopping at Videri Chocolates next to Tasty. Delicious specialty chocolates made right here in Raleigh's own chocolate factory!

Raleigh Denim
We stopped by Moon and Lola with lots of fun and special personalized gifts for women. Lumina men's clothing has some great gift ideas for the business man in your life!

All that shopping made us hungry and thirsty so Raleigh Times was conveniently located in the middle of all these great shops and provided us a nice shopping break with fab snacks and cold beverages.

We refueled and continued our shopping with a stop at Deco Raleigh and Kindred Boutique. Both conveniently located near Fayetteville Street and perfect spots to hit for unique small gifts for adults and children, and unique to Raleigh.

Stitch is another shop in the same area popular for specially made (only in Raleigh) handbags, wallets, and  other items.

To finish off our afternoon, we stopped in for a quick peek at Father & Son Antiques. It was late and they were closing up but what a fun, retro place to shop! We will be back to see more soon.


The News & Observer just published a great gift idea list for shopping local.

Another great resource for checking out local specialty shopping and great ideas is to follow The Scout Guide. This Triangle blog has some great suggestions and great info.

ShopLocalRaleigh has a new gift guide that features lots of cool gift ideas from area businesses.

SO...get shopping!

Stay local

Enjoy some long forgotten great customer service from some folks that truly appreciate your business and relax knowing that you DO NOT have to tackle the mall to find all those nifty holiday gifts this year!!

Moon & Lola Raleigh through the back door at Raleigh Times!

Beautiful holiday windows at Stitch

Very specialized gifts at Father & Son Antiques!