Monday, December 24, 2012

Thank you and Happy Holidays From Raleigh What's Up

Thank you for Fulllsteam's Fruitcake at Bottlemixx in North Raleigh.

Thank you for amazing coffee breaks at Sola Coffee forcing us to stop and enjoy the company of great friends.

Thanks for last minute gifts and a great afternoon of artwork at NC Museum of Art.

Thanks for pre-drinks at Busy Bee Raleigh before holiday dinners!

Thanks for an amazing assortment of cheesy appetizers for family gatherings at Village Market.

Thanks for the best family holiday dinner at Gravy in downtown Raleigh.

Thanks for the coffee education and a new appreciation of local coffee at Larry's Beans.

Thanks for new creative beer/coffee concoctions with Slingshot Coffee!

Thanks for local and monthly member bevvies from Bottle Revolution for gifts and our own imbibing.

Thanks for a great keg of Lonerider ESB  beer for our holiday party!

Thanks to Jubala Coffee for delicious holiday morning breakfasts!
Thanks to Deco Raleigh for last minute gift options served with beverages and great customer service!

Thank you to Tasty Beverage for unique beverages and keeping our beer options from ever being boring!

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