Monday, May 13, 2013

Annual Wake County Book Sale

Some of my great finds!
Every year Wake County Libraries holds their huge annual book sale and unloads thousands of books to the public. The sale is generally held over four days in May in different Raleigh locations every year. This year it was at the NC Fairgrounds in the Jim Graham building. I decided to go very last minute and was shocked to find so many  rows and rows of tables full of books! When I went Saturday,  hardbacks were  going for $2 and paperbacks for $1 each. We decided to go back on Sunday and fill up a big boxload for $5! What a deal! I took my girls and they grabbed a bunch of books while I scanned everything from the travel, business, self-help and cookbook aisles, as well as some great selections of fiction and non-fiction.  Needless to say it was very busy on Sunday the last day of the sale. The sale was full of serious book shoppers and they were easily filling 10 to 100's of boxes of books. We were happy with just our one box!

Mark your calendar to check it out when it comes around again next year. Its always in mid-May sometime.

Just makes me happy to see that people still love books...REAL books.

Rows and rows of books...

Lots of great selections of fiction, non fiction and much more.

My awesome box full of books for $5!