Monday, May 1, 2017


 It's Spring and we've been freshening up some of our home decor and changing out some old things to create some fresh new looks at home. The perfect new addition to update our living room is this cool black and white printed map of Raleigh streets from Modern Map Art I love it! I like how clean, simple and modern they are. We just hung it on the wall near some other Raleigh artwork and I love how it contrasts with our dark walls and works with the black and white theme we have in our living room. One of my favorite things is to hang art in our home that means something to us or features favorite memories of places we've lived or traveled.

You can order any city map that's near and dear to your heart and you can choose the size and color scheme as well. Just go to Modern Map Art and find your city and then choose what size/color you want to order. I'm thinking of ordering some other cities that we have spent time in like Sydney, Australia and Washington DC. Maybe even our college hometown, Blacksburg, VA! The prints are affordable and you can hang them a number of ways. We framed ours in a standard black frame, so no customized expensive framing required, which was great! Thank you Modern Map Art!


Since it's a busy gift giving time with Mother's Day, High School and College Graduation celebrations, birthdays and Father's Day coming up as well, I thought this would make a
fabulous personalized gift idea!

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