Friday, September 9, 2016

Coffee Crate - NC Coffee Delivered to your Door!

These days convenience and supporting local businesses is key and with the age of cool specialty delivery services, why not have gourmet coffee from North Carolina roasters delivered straight to you every month?

If you are a coffee connoisseur or looking to explore new coffee flavors, or if you just love GOOD coffee, you may want to try out Coffee Crate (you can find them online at I recently received my box in the mail containing three 4oz packages of roasted coffee beans from different roasters in North Carolina. One of these was Benelux from right here in Raleigh.

Coffee Crate is based in Asheville, North Carolina. Angie Rainey, Coffee Curator spends her time carefully selecting each month's featured roasts. They are passionate about finding the best coffee roasters in North Carolina and send three packages from different roasters every month. They all have been taste tested, and come with detailed notes about each coffee. This month's delivery included Benelux from Raleigh, Anchor Coffee Company from North Wilkesboro, and Ingenious Coffee from Marion, NC.

As we brewed up each batch, the aroma and flavors were fantastic. We have grown to really love great coffee and we are fortunate to have many good coffee roasters available to us right here in Raleigh. We have a busy household early in the mornings and its a real treat to have really good quality coffee brewing and ready as we face the morning rush. I love going out for coffee but can't realistically get out to the shops on a regular basis. This is a bit of a luxury for us and I like that this allows for us to try roasters from all over NC and support them as well. When you join, you can sign up for one month three months, six months or a year. You can also cancel anytime.

Here are some of the delivery service highlights:
  • Every crate has three 4-oz. bags of whole bean coffee-that's 12-oz. total.
  • New crates are shipped every month.
  • Each crate features three different North Carolina roasters.
  • Roasters' notes and sometimes special treats accompany the crate.
  • Free shipping.
  • Cancel anytime.

Reach out and give it a try at! Makes for a great gift as well! Support your North Carolina coffee roasters and treat yourself to some really great NC coffee flavors!

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