Thursday, July 28, 2016

7 Ways to beat this Raleigh Heat Wave

The heat wave has been relentless here in Raleigh, and it's not showing signs of letting up anytime soon! So, here's a few things you can still find in the Shops of Cameron Village to help you beat this Summer heat and stay cool and fashionable!

1. Stylish sunglasses. Be sure and protect your eyes from the sun's intense brightness and glare. We found some great (and stylish) sunnies at Fifi's from Kate Spade (red) and Coach (pink). Grab them now before they are gone!

2. Strappy Sandals. Even though boots and Fall shoes are starting to fill the stores for Fall, there are still some great sandal selections available at Fifi's Fine Resale Apparel, like this great Tory Burch pair.

3. A big broad rimmed hat. Throw on a hat for instant shade as you are running around getting your errands done and in and out of the heat in Raleigh. These hats are awesome with SPF protection and are currently on sale at Ivy & Leo.

4. Loose fit clothing and breathable fabrics. These new long and flowy tanks from Lush at Ivy & Leo are the perfect hot weather item to add to your wardrobe right now. These tanks come in beautiful neutrals and go with anything. They will also fit right into your Fall wardrobe with a big sweater thrown over (hard to imagine with this 100 degree heat!) These tanks are made with Modal, which is a type of rayon fabric that is soft, smooth and breathes well.

5. Stay hydrated. Splurge on this fantastic quality Harding water bottle made by Klean Kanteen from Pendleton that will keep your water ice cold for hours. BPA-free, stainless steel and fits in most car cupholders. Keep it in your hot car for a cool refreshing sip while you are taking kids around town to camp, errand running or in and out of meetings or shops.

6. Stylish lightweight dresses. This stunning dress is just the right look for beating this awful heat and still looking fabulous. Grab this look at Kannon's Women's Store. They currently have their Summer items on sale and there are some great deals! Hurry as the selection is winding down to make room for new Fall items.

7. Eat light and healthy. Okay, so biscuits aren't number one on the healthy menu, but I love this month's Rise Cameron Village specialty biscuit featuring fresh tomato and avocado and a cool dill-cucumber spread with a salty potato chip crunch. It's summer in a biscuit!

with Dill-Cucumber Spread, Potato Chips & Baby Arugula

Stay cool Raleigh, Fall is coming soon!

#CVTRENDREPORT: I'm excited to partner with Cameron Village over the next few months to feature some of the great merchants in the Village and highlight some 2016 Summer Trends and great "hidden gems". I love shopping local and it's been an amazing opportunity to get to know these merchants, their stories and their passion for what they do!

Thanks also to NC Photographer Glory Rose for assisting with photography.

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