Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cameron Village Spotlight: Antiques Emporium

Tucked away in Cameron Village on the third floor is a hidden treasure trove called Antiques Emporium.  Antiques Emporium has been collecting and selling a variety of antiques and imports for thirty years and includes expert sterling silver, china, art and fine jewelry dealers, and one of the biggest costume jewelry collections in the Southeast. Approximately 30 vendors make up the Emporium, each with their individual offerings such as linens, home furnishings, books, glassware and more. The vendors may be working or possibly away on a trip overseas, seeking out more authentic, worldly, one of a kind collection pieces. If you are looking for sterling silver, home furnishings, fine art, tapestries, linens, porcelain, you will find it here. It's an eclectic mix with everything from a $25,000 silver tea set to a $25 antique pin or bracelet, it's fun to come in from the summer heat and look around for your own unique treasure.

One of the jewelry experts, Lee Dempsey of R.L. Dempsey Co., has been at the Antiques Emporium for nearly 20 years and has helped many young couples find a stunning vintage and affordable wedding or engagement ring.

Antiques and vintage style home furnishings is very popular right now and you can find authentic pieces to furnish your home at the Emporium that are right in line with what many interior designers and home decor magazines are featuring in their own designs.

Whether you have company in town or you are looking for unique decor for your home or shopping for a special gift, the Antiques Emporium in Cameron Village can be a fun destination for all ages. Go on your own treasure hunt to find something that speaks to you and has more than likely come from generations ahead of us and has it's own story, to finding a place in your own home to be enjoyed for years to come.

HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sunday: Closed
LOCATION: 2060 Clark Avenue, Third Floor

I'm excited to partner with Cameron Village over the next few months to feature some of the great merchants in the Village and highlight some 2016 Spring/Summer Trends and great "hidden gems". I love shopping local and it's been an amazing opportunity to get to know these merchants, their stories and their passion for what they do.

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