Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cameron Village Spotlight: Rise and Shine!

If you haven't visited Rise Biscuits & Donuts yet, its high time you make plans to stop and see what all the fuss is about. Rise Biscuits & Donuts opened just a few months ago in Cameron Village. Everything is prepped and made fresh daily and local coffee served as well.

For starters, it's helpful to know their DONUT menu is broken down into three categories...Old School, New School and Our School.

Old School
. For all you folks that like your donuts simple and are looking for reliable delicious flavors like glazed, old fashioned, chocolate icing, and jelly-filled.

New School. This is where you will find more adventuresome flavor combos like maple bacon, creme brulee and cookie dough.

Our School. This is where each Rise location gets to express creative freedom and invent their own signature doughnuts. For example Fruity Pebbles with Fruit Punch icing. Or Oreo Cookie. Rise chefs have highly experienced cooking/restaurant backgrounds, so they get the opportunity to use their talent to be uniquely creative with their biscuit and donut flavors. Generally the Our School donuts are specialty items and often specific to each location (although they may become approved menu items and may appear in other Rise locations in the area). This specialty menu often changes each month with all new flavors and combinations.

School is almost out but not at Rise! Visit Rise and discover your new favorite. Cameron Village Rise location is at 530 E. Daniels Street and is open everyday from 7am - 2pm.

#CVTRENDREPORT: I'm excited to partner with Cameron Village over the next few months to feature some of the great merchants in the Village and highlight some 2016 Spring Trends and great "hidden gems". I love shopping local and it's been an amazing opportunity to get to know these merchants, their stories and their passion for what they do!

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