Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Toast Bar at Sola Coffee Cafe

Sola Coffee Cafe is now offering a brand new TOAST BAR in addition to their current menu offerings. Inspired by current trends from San Francisco and other West coast coffee shops and restaurants, the artisanal toast is a delicious and fresh compliment to your favorite hot or cold beverage.

Whether you lean towards a sweet treat like donuts or cupcakes or prefer a fresh baked biscuit or muffin, toast lends itself nicely to unique, creative and satisfying new options for pairing with coffee or tea. Try a sweet or savory (or spicy!) toast to compliment your breakfast, or late afternoon coffee.

Sola is exploring creative options, offering about five different varieties of toast from their new Toast Bar menu.  Challah bread with peanut butter or nutella,bananas, and cinnamon honey is one tasty option for a sweet tooth, or a fresh baguette with melted gruyere, green apple, and maple sriracha giving it a nice little kick for another. Other cheeses, spreads and seasonal produce combined with savory drizzles make for a delicious and healthy start to the day or afternoon pick me up.

goat cheese, green apple,cinnamon honey on Dakota bread
Tuesday night Sola invited several local foodies to come in and sample the new menu. We offered suggestions and our thoughts on flavorful topping options while enjoying new ingredient combinations and seasonal flavors. Personally I loved the goat cheese paired with apple and cinnamon honey on Dakota bread. Another personal favorite was Sola's own granola mix (which they sell!) on a grainy toast with almond butter and cinnamon honey (the perfect post-workout breakfast with coffee!).

Challah with peanut butter OR nutella, bananas, cinnamon honey
Personally I think the opportunity for ideas are endless and using local breads and toppings allow for creativity, while keeping the menu fresh and simple. After all, it's really about the BEST ingredients which Sola has always subscribed to for all their drink and food offerings.

The new Toast menu at Sola changes seasonally & weekly and is available before 11am and after 1:30 each day. Prices range from $2.40-$3.95.

Stop in soon, try something new and ask for TOAST.!

Mixing it up with gruyere, green apple, baguette and toppings.

Granola and Grain

Local foodies tasting new flavors.

John talks a little about keeping it fresh and local.

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