Friday, September 19, 2014

RALEIGHWHATSUP: 3 Year Anniversary Today!

Today marks officially three  years since I sat down and posted my very first post to RaleighWhatsUp. What I find ironic is that my first post featured a concert at Red Hat Amphitheater with the band Better then Ezra. It was short and sweet but the start to something I was still trying to figure out, yet was compelled to do.

Last night we went to see Lorde at Red Hat Amphitheater. We took our teen daughters who were SO excited and happier then ever to get a chance to see one of their favorite musical artists.  Words can't express what seeing her and hearing her meant to the girls and watching them have a moment that they will remember forever is pretty darn magical (despite my guilt of having them out late on a school night!)

Raleigh has been host to SO MANY AMAZING musical performances lately it's a little unreal. Practically every week I see friends and local folks enjoying some of the coolest bands on the planet right now right here in Raleigh. We try to get to as many as we can.  I think the Red Hat venue is stunning and I like that it's not overwhelmingly large and I feel good bringing the girls there as well. The setting always seems to be admired by the musicians on the stage with their view being the city skyline and the shimmer wall.

I feel passionate about Raleigh and all the cool things that are continuing to happen to this city. I am so grateful to all the other local blogger folks that keep you updated, sharing their passion for Raleigh and the area as well. They have become great friends.

I hope to continue to provide you with more information on local events and how to support your local small businesses. I will continue to help small businesses. Whether it's a local brewery, coffee shop, boutique, restaurant or event, I feel strongly about getting people educated on how fantastic it is to shop/drink/eat local...putting your money back into our community and what it means to support these small business owners. They put their heart and souls into their businesses and not only do they want to share with you their offerings, but they also want to get to know YOU. I will say from personal experience it can make the difference in a day to be greeted when you walk into a local shop, like running into a good friend. I think that's part of why I still feel so strong about it even now, three years later.

Get out this weekend and enjoy what Raleigh has to offer! And thanks for continuing to support my efforts!

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