Thursday, August 28, 2014


This summer we visited Italy for the first time. We took our teenagers as well as my mom along. We had an amazing time. This country has so much to offer and so many different things to see and experience. Rome was fast paced, alive, energetic, crazy, romantic and delicious. It is not for the faint at heart. So much history and you start to see why it was such an important place for hundreds and hundreds of years. We loved it, yet the intensity is such I'm not sure I could live in that city. But I will visit anytime I can...

We are greeted by the nuns after landing!

The Basilica of St. Peter has to be one of the most beautiful spaces I've
ever been in. Located in the Vatican City, the interior is so large and the l
ight coming in made it feel even more spiritual.

Beautiful day spent exploring the Vatican City.

The Roman Colosseum & the Roman Forum are certainly "must sees"
when in Rome. The Colosseum is stunning and having gone to college
to study Architecture, I'm thrilled to finally see it in person. Can't believe
how versatile it was back in the day. The Roman Forum is the heart of the
ancient city and walking through the ruins is like stepping back in time.

Caffe latte at Relais de l'Opera, our little hotel nestled in the heart of Rome!
Great place.

We discovered that American Craft Beer is definitely influencing the
Europeans as well. Open Baladin in Rome was an amazing craft beer

Big Rolling Stones concert happening at the Circus Maximus, an outdoor
venue in Rome. We were wondering why everyone in the city was walking
around wearing Rolling Stones t-shirts!

Fantastic dinner in Trastevere neighborhood. Dar Poeta was great food
and atmosphere and clearly where the locals liked to eat. Just what we were
looking to experience in Rome. We loved it.

Hotel view.

Thankful for the amazing morning coffees in Rome at the Floris hotel.

Pistachio Gelato shop near our hotel. Loved the decor.

Ciao, Rome! You were amazing and vibrant.

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