Friday, April 25, 2014

PULLEN PARK: A (Local) Trip Down Memory Lane

Thursday was Job Shadowing/Take Your Child to Work Day for the 8th Grade Team at our middle school. My daughter chose to shadow me and we started at Cup A Joe where we spent about 2 1/2 hours posting social updates, researching projects and creating blog posts for some of my clients. After a productive morning, we went to Pullen Park, one of my favorite places to visit in Raleigh but I hadn't visited for many years since the kids were small and before the recent renovations. It has been on my list of places to revisit and write about and since it was such a pretty day and the park was close by, we decided to visit.

I chose to hand over this blog post today to my 14 year old daughter and I am really pleased with what she turned around for me. Here are her thoughts...


"Today I revisited Pullen Park for the first time since I was a little girl. I barely remember the park, but I do recall having great times there! I remember everything seeming so much bigger and scarier and different. Sitting on a carousel horse and looking down felt like looking over the edge of a fifty foot railing! when it began moving it was like riding a stallion into the wild. But when I rode the carousel today it was more of an exciting trip of nostalgia and good memories rather than a wild adventure.

Seeing so many young kids with wide smiles on their faces made me think maybe they had wild adventures too, maybe to them riding a paddle boat was like steering a sailboat through the vast sea, or climbing the playground set was a trip to the top of a mountain. There have been so many cool things added to the park since I last came and that makes me so happy! While walking through the tall oaks in the park, I heard a little girl hugging a tree whisper, "I am the queen of the trees" and I can only imagine what kind of magical kingdom she had dreamed up in the gathering of these towering oaks. Pullen Park is, was, and will always be a place of thousands of imaginations and adventures and I can't wait to go back! Maybe one day I'll return with children of my own." - Julia, age 14
Recently renovated and such a Raleigh gem.

Facts: First public park in NC, contains a carousel, tennis courts, picnic shelters, playground, paddle boats, train and theatre in the park. Free admission. 66.3 acres. Near NC State Campus. Recently renovated. Good for families. Good cafe. Concession stand with healthy food.

Always fun to cruise on these boats at the park
The new carousel house
The beautiful carousel at Pullen Park. Ride it for a $1.

Pullen Park Food: Fresh and delicious, snacks well priced ($1-$4), well priced food ($4-7), fresh squeezed lemonade, local food, advocates for Health in Action, fresh seasonal food, fresh ingredients from local farmers, and catering.

Supporting local businesses all over the state of NC
Fresh food offerings at the park
Thank you Julia for a lovely day

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