Thursday, January 16, 2014

Instagram Travel Thursday: InstaWalk Your City!

This past Sunday, we gathered in downtown Raleigh with several others to participate in a local InstaMeet get together. This is a regular event organized by some local folks, where people from all over Raleigh can meet up at a specified venue to  take pictures and post them to Instagram. Using the #InstawalkRaleigh hashtag, you can then see all the pictures that everyone took as we take the time to explore part of the city. Its a great way to meet new people especially those who share a common interest in photography, their city and Instagram.

As it turned out, this past weekend was also the 8th worldwide Instameet. What is so great about this is that at the same time that a big group of us were exploring and taking pictures of Raleigh's Warehouse District and Boylan Bridge area, other people from many different cities in the world were doing the same thing! Posts popped up from Rome, Paris, Toronto, Detroit, San Diego, Copenhagen, you name it, they were gathering and taking pictures. (You can see the other cities by searching on the hashtag #WWMI8.)  If there was ever a great use of social media, this is definitely one of them.

We had a big group of folks of all ages that gathered Sunday at the Boylan Bridge and we took a group shot and then started our walk through, down and around the Warehouse District. It was a beautiful sunny day and we loved getting out in our city and sharing a little part of it to the world.

Our two teen daughters loved it too. They proceeded to get some great photos of the area! This is one time our whole family can be on their phones and cameras and no one is bothered by it. We shared our shots of the city through each of our own perspectives.

Looking back at everyone's photos, it's interesting what detail or interesting feature someone caught and you may have just walked by without noticing. You can see last weekend's pictures if you go to your Instagram and search for the #InstaWalkRaleigh hashtag. You can also check this hashtag if you are interested in finding out where and when the next InstaWalk in Raleigh will be taking place.

If you would like to check out more Raleigh pictures, feel free to follow me on Instagram @RaleighWhatsUp and join us at the next InstaWalk Raleigh!

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  1. Nice to see some different perspectives for Instawalks - I've yet to participate in one myself but would really like to...

  2. I hate I missed this walk. I bet it was great.