Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MetLife Global Technology Hub coming to Raleigh!

The opening of MetLife's new campus in Cary, North Carolina means a lot of new job growth and opportunity for Raleigh. They are breaking ground this month on a state of the art campus that will allow for possibly as many as 2600 new jobs by 2015 and will continue to make Raleigh and the Research Triangle a highly sought after career and technology destination.

This new Global Technology Hub in North Carolina features adaptive and responsive workplaces. Employees will have the ability to work in various ways maximizing employee potential and in a variety of environments instead of the typical work desk. This will support many of the newest ways of working and collaborating in environments such as Think Pods, Focus Rooms and Telepresence Rooms. The campus will be wired to enable people to work seamlessly through the campus. There will be areas on campus similar to many colleges, specifically designed for employees to relax and interact in a more creative environment. Much of this reminds me of the new Hunt Library on the NC State Campus.

Sustainability is a key feature as well. Not only will the building be constructed using the latest LEED standards, the spaces within the buildings will also allow for natural light and for employees to enjoy the beautiful NC outdoors as well.

This is  an amazing opportunity for our community and will continue to put Raleigh on the map for being a city of innovation and forward thinking. It is also a great opportunity to provide new industry-leading careers for the people of Raleigh and surrounding areas. And for newcomers, they will quickly see how truly unique this city is with its many beautiful greenways and parks, locally owned restaurants,  craft breweries, fabulous museums and performing arts centers.

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