Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Bucket List: See a Movie @ the IMAX

The weekend plan had our family of four headed to the IMAX downtown on Hargett Street to see the new movie GRAVITY which just opened this past weekend. I was ready to #checkitoff my October Raleigh Bucket List. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie on the IMAX screen and most of those movies have generally been a documentary or nature show that the kids wanted to see. Now almost every movie premieres with a 3D version and I haven't really felt the desire to pay extra and see it in 3D...that was, until I started seeing previews to the movie Gravity. From the minute I saw the commercials, I knew I wanted to see this on the IMAX screen and 3D.

I obviously wasn't the only one who decided that because we headed over to the IMAX at Marbles downtown in Raleigh and showed up about an hour before the show, only to find out that that time and every other time that day was SOLD OUT! So, we quickly purchased tickets for Sunday's show at 1pm.

We returned on Sunday to get in line for our showing which was sold out! Every other time for Sunday was also sold out!

We got inside the theatre with our 3D glasses and the coolest experience started even before the opening scene of the movie! Gravity was THE perfect movie to see at this venue. I can't even imagine seeing it on a regular screen. The story and the action engages you from the very first minute. It is thought provoking and you feel like you are the third character in the movie the whole time.  The IMAX/Gravity experience makes you feel like you are dangerously dangling in space and keeps you guessing the whole time. The photography and the digital effects are stunning. During the quiet moments you could've heard a pin drop (not a cough or a candy wrapper noise in the whole place!).

We all walked out exhausted and thrilled at the entire experience. What a fun afternoon out and we had something to talk about for quite a while afterwards.

TIP: Purchase your tickets online before you head to the theatre!  Definitely worth seeing this one on the biggest screen you can find!

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