Thursday, August 22, 2013

Instagram Travel Thursday: NC Coast

Another fabulous thing about Raleigh is the proximity to some stunning east coast beaches. Within a couple hours drive, you can find yourself playing in the waves on some gorgeous Carolina coastal beach. 

Hitting the beach in OKI

We recently spent a relaxing weekend with some great friends at their place in Oak Island, NC.  Oak Island is a very low key location and we enjoyed the beautiful, wide open beaches, sand and salty air. Sunday we headed into the town of Southport nearby. The weather and the company was amazing and we had a great time splashing in the waves, sharing a few cold beers, tasting some delicious food and plenty of great conversation.

Taking a trip doesn't always have to be across the ocean to some grand destination, sometimes a spontaneous trip to somewhere close and sharing it with good friends or family is the destination. Just getting away from it all is usually the goal and feeling like you are really living life.

Raleigh is lucky to have such amazing travel opportunities within a couple hours of leaving the city proper. Head west to the mountains or east to the beaches, we are pretty fortunate people here.

*Thanks again to our friends Marci and Paul for their friendship and hospitality!

Beach time

Necessary coffee options at the Flying Pig

Never a lack of sweet treats (on the beach!)

Getting out of the sun


This place was REALLY hard to leave! @Old American Fish Co.

Lazy Sunday in Southport

"Good sign" and great food at Provision Co

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  1. So much beach! Love it. We've got some beaches in England too, but the water is way too cold. Miss the time I lived in Georgia and we drove to Carolinas or Florida for some weekend beach time...

  2. Between you and Leigh I've definitely seen a totally different side of NC! Hope to come and visit one day! :)

  3. I love that Flying Pig sign. Great photos. Join us for the IG Twitter party on Thursday, if you can. And let's get together soon.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

  4. I want to come and visit you all there in Raleigh! I can't believe how many amazing destinations you have in a weekend trip distance!

    1. You should! There are so many. We are headed to the Outer Banks area in about a week.