Monday, August 12, 2013


Another big turnout for the Raleigh Downtown Food Truck Rodeo yesterday!

Food Trucks are gaining momentum now in the Triangle, with new laws recently allowing them in Downtown Raleigh. They provide tasty gourmet food conveniently and quickly at reasonable price points.  Many Raleigh folks have been able to sample a variety of these eats at the Raleigh Downtown Food Truck Rodeos that have occurred recently.  The general public is starting to gain awareness of them and a fondness for particular food specialties served up fast and hot from these trucks.  There is one more Food Truck Rodeo event coming up in Downtown Raleigh on October 13th. Downtown Durham features many Food Truck gathering events as well.

Pie Pushers in downtown Raleigh
If you find a truck that you love, there's an easy way to follow them and find out exactly where they are at any given time and to know exactly what they are featuring! Follow them on Twitter and you can easily locate them wherever they may be parked and make a plan to go and grab a taste! The Rodeos are a lot of fun and a great way to discover many of the different trucks, but it can be a  little frustrating if you went there to specifically sample a particular truck or two and you find the lines to be quite long. Why not track them on Twitter and make it easy on yourself?

Stoke & Smoke at Downtown Raleigh
Food Truck Rodeo
The following list is a reference to local area Food Trucks and their Twitter handles. Add them to your twitter list and you can see anytime where they are in the Triangle area.  Another thing to help find new and old favorites are to follow the local breweries on Twitter as well. They almost always have a truck or two parked outside their brew pubs most evenings. They usually announce who's at their breweries on Twitter. What's better then a local brew and a local food truck lunch or dinner? Definitely a fun and easy way to get your share of delicious food on the go!!

Click here to find out what events are going on in Raleigh and Durham that are featuring Food Trucks.

This list will continue to be updated and feel free to send in any I've missed!!


Chirba Chirba: @chirbachirba
Kona Ice: @konaraleigh
Captain Poncho's Tacos: @captainponchos
Cafe Prost: @cafeprost
Bike Coffee: @bikeCOFFEE
Dusty Donuts: @dustydonuts
Barone Meatball Co.: @baronemeatball
SweetWater Ices: @SweetWaterIces
Locopops: @locopops
The Parlour: @parlourdurham
Sunset Slush: @SunsetSlushNRal
Chick 'n Que: @Chick_N_Que
Bulkogi Korean BBQ: @NCBulkogi
Klausies Pizza: @klausiespizza
Only Burger:@onlyburger
La Farm Bread Truck: @lafarmtruck
King Creole: @kcfoodtruck
American Meltdown: @americanMLTDWN
Only Burger: @onlyburger
Parlez-Vous Crepe: @parlezvouscrepe
Philly's Cheesesteaks: @phillycheesest
Baguettaboutit: @baguettaboutit
CJ's Street Food: @Acjstreetfood
Mac-Ur-Roni: @MacUrRoniRDU
Pie Pushers: @piepushers
Porchetta: @porchettardu
Stoke & Smoke BBQ: @stokeandsmoke
Daisy Cakes: @daisycakesNC
The Humble Pig: @thehumblepig
Triangle Raw Foods: @trianglerawfood
Valentino's : @valentinotruck

King Creole

The amazing Sweet Water Ice!

Porchetta at Wilkinson Supply Co.

American Meltdown in front of First Friday Oak City Cycling Event


  1. Great post. Loved seeing you last night.

    1. Thanks Leigh! Same! Last night was fun! Talk to you soon!

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