Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Outing to NC Art Museum: 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art

The newest exhibition at the NC Museum of Art is the 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art Exhibit that opened this past Sunday and stays open to the public through August 11. This incredible exhibit features 60 diverse works by 32 artists that fall into six categories of time - real time, virtual time, historical time, recorded time, manipulated time and the passage of time.  The museum has partnered with Penland School of Crafts and feature artist works both inside and outside the museum. The exhibit is interactive, allowing you to participate or influence the art as you view it. There are some fascinating items that will engage you and make you wonder "how did they do that?"

It's well worth the walk through, with some of the exhibits involving unbelievably detailed processes or periods of time to get to where they are now.  Some of the exhibits will be unique only to you, the viewer. I love how incredibly contemporary this exhibit is, making it all the more reason to take your "actively-engaged-with-technology" kids.  (They might even look up for a moment from their phones.) Note: no picture-taking is allowed in the exhibit.

The NY Times have included it in their list of Spring exhibits to see in the country. Since it's Spring Break, this is a great thing to get out and enjoy both indoors and out at the museum with your kids (probably ages 8 and up is recommended).

Just for fun check out the NCMA 0 to 60 Tumbler page, fascinating stuff.

For more info on the times and ticket info to the exhibit click here.

Face tracking coolness. The Year's Midnight, 2011.

You'll never guess what these images are!

Digital Watch, 1991 by Jim Campbell. Come and see yourself in the art!

A Century of Hair. Anne Lemanski.

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