Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Instawalk Raleigh at Hunt Library

When I found out that the InstaWalk Raleigh group meetup was at the James B. Hunt Library on NC State's Centennial Campus we made a plan to be there. I LOVE libraries and this new library is a glance into the future and a new Raleigh must see! It's like visiting a museum. Having just opened in January, the space is beautiful, with lots of natural light, vibrantly painted walls and modern design. The $115 million library is state of the art with video walls and a robot that retrieves books! The video walls are mesmerizing and the library is filled with architecturally stunning chairs of all styles and smart work spaces. Most of the study spaces have white board walls for group collaboration. They are even working on a video gaming space for study breaks and game development! (where was all this when I was in college??) There are lots of great scenic and quiet spaces to work alone or in a group. On the top floor, there is a beautiful outside deck for relaxing in the sun and gazing out at the nearby lake.

One of the coolest things about the library is that almost all of the books (more than 1.3 million!) are stored in stacks and use a system called a bookBot that retrieves them, saving bookshelf space. The touchscreens in the library, your phone, computer or tablet will allow the books to be retrieved by the robot within five minutes and you can simply go to the main desk to pick it up. (I don't think the public can join as members).

Take the kids or take your camera and make a point to stop by the library and get a taste of what libraries of the future will be like. 

Check out our pictures streaming on the Hunt Library instagram page!
Instawalk Raleigh is a group of Raleigh/Triangle people that meet up regularly at different locations around the city to take pictures and share on Instagram. This was a great opportunity for the family to get out and take pictures and use their creative skills!! We take pictures with our phones, Itouches or cameras and hashtag the photos with #instawalkraleigh. You can then see on Instagram all the pictures that were taken by the group that day. We also enjoyed meeting and connecting with some nice Raleigh folks who share a common interest in photography. Looking forward to the next Instawalk Raleigh destination!!

You can glance through glass to see the robot retrieving books from the stacks.

Interactive video screens providing NC history.

Entrance lobby.

Stunning and dynamic  video walls.

View from the rooftop of the lake.


  1. This looks like so much fun! Is there a way too find out when the next Instawalk will be?

  2. This was a great outing. To find out more follow @igersraleigh on Instagram or hash tag
    #igersraleigh, #instawalkraleigh and there's usually some info when there's an event happening. Its alot of fun!