Saturday, February 23, 2013

Father & Son(day) Funday

Last Sunday over breakfast we discussed what we could do with our, maybe a long walk? The kids immediately jumped in and suggested we go downtown to Father & Son Antiques! They had been in the store one time before, but we had walked in about ten minutes before it was closing so that left little time to check out the store's amazing collections of all things "retro". 

We decided to go and checked their Sunday hours and headed downtown to explore. Not only did we spend time on the main floor that extends quite a ways back into the shop, we also discovered two more levels of rooms upstairs! Rooms full of vintage clothing for men and women and additional room full of art and old music albums. The very top level is an art gallery with different artists featured. So much to check out!

Walking through Father & Son Antiques takes me back to my childhood in the 70s and 80s with many familiar items.  Its also pretty fun to see the kids get excited about phones with cords, eight track tapes, and metal lunch boxes. Lots of great paintings on black velvet too! 

If you're into vinyl, there's an amazing collection we discovered upstairs.  A room you could probably get lost in for hours, going through tons of music albums from the old days.

The owners are very nice and approachable. Their facebook page often features great vintage  furniture pieces  that come into the store and probably doesn't stay around too long. The location is convenient if you want to do lunch or dinner in Raleigh.  There are many restaurants within walking distance of the store. Parking is not hard because there are several parking garages and street parking near the store.

So, next time you need a little Sunday Funday, head over to Father & Son Antiques and see what treasures you can find!

Location: 107 W  Hargett St, downtown Raleigh. Sunday hours: 1-5pm

Men's vintage clothing upstairs.

So many fun trinkets everywhere.

Upstairs treasure trove of vinyl.

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More men's clothing upstairs.

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  1. That's so interesting. I've seen the store, but have never been in.