Friday, January 25, 2013

Trophy Brewing coming to West Morgan St Raleigh in mid-February 2013!

About a week ago, I was treated to a sneak peek at one of Raleigh's premiere new craft breweries, Trophy Brewing Company. When we arrived, Les Stewart, Brewmaster, was hard at work brewing a Baltic Porter and setting up shop in his new brewery as we spoke and he was happy to talk a bit about what's happening at Trophy.

Trophy Brewing is a collaboration with the folks at Busy Bee. Les has brewed beer for many years before stepping into the role as Trophy's head brewer. He's excited about the new space at 827 Morgan Street. Les took a break from brewing to show me some floor plans for their new brew pub. They have built an amazing bar and will offer their own brews on tap and fill 32 oz growlers.  The brewery plans to open soon, serving beers in mid-February and will expand later in 2013 to include a kitchen for serving up pizzas and sandwiches and there are plans to include a large outside patio that can be enclosed during colder winter days.

The brewery is not far from Boylan Bridge Brewpub, and is situated next to a convenience store and laundry mat. They are excited about integrating themselves into the local community.

To help customers select the type of beer they want to drink, they will have a unique and straightforward classification system.  The beers offered on tap will fall into one of four categories: Hoppy, Session (generally lower ABV and flavorful), Unique (experimental brews with special ingredients), and Sour beers.

Trophy is quickly being recognized for their quality brews and have been chosen to participate in the prestigious Extreme Beer Fest sponsored by Beer Advocate in Boston next month.

Trophy Brewing incorporates sustainability by using organic, fresh, ingredients as often as they can and buying local.  The spent grain from brewing is picked up by a nearby farmer for feeding to her cows!

Trophy Brewing is just another example of how locally crafted beer is finding a home in Raleigh and building a strong sense of community between expert craft brewers and the folks who love to drink quality craft beer.

Les loves brewing beer and you could feel that vibe just being around him. He is excited about Trophy Brewing, working with the folks from Busy Bee and has collaborated on many occasions with other home brewers in the area, including the guys from Raleigh Brewing Company and Crank Arm Brewing.

I thanked Les for his time as he got back to stirring the mash for his Baltic Porter and when  I left, I knew I'd be back here very soon with friends and family, excited about making Trophy Brewing one of my new favorite spots in Raleigh to drink beer!

Front Entrance to Trophy Brewing Co.

Trophy kegs getting filled.

Mashing in the Baltic Porter.

For more info, or to follow Trophy Brewing Co:

Address: 827 W. Morgan Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Phone(919) 424-7817

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