Friday, March 16, 2012

Whole Foods 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Remember when everyone was awaiting the news of when the Whole Foods store would come to fruition in North Raleigh on Six Forks? We were waiting for construction to start for quite a while. Now, suddenly, that store is celebrating its one year anniversary this weekend with a whole weekend of fun events! Where did the time go?

I hardly remember life before the Whole Foods came to town. :) Last summer we enjoyed several evenings with a drink and live music out on the patio. Since the Borders went out of business, its been a great place to sit and do homework  while waiting for kids to finish dance, sports, etc. Although it may not be the cheapest store to shop, the quality of the food and knowing that we are making a healthier choice is worth it. I buy less now instead of getting tempted into bargain bulk shopping. I like going in the store and browsing the aisles, picking up a quick dinner,  running into friends or learning something interesting from one of the many activities going on in the store. Also, with our efforts to eat healthier while keeping it easy, the WF fresh produce and meat/fish department has become our favorite place for go to snacks and dinners. The fish, chicken and produce are SO much more tastier then I have found in other stores and I love the fact that you can trace back exactly where those foods came from. With all the scary stories coming out these days about what's in our food, I like knowing we are buying local and supporting these small business owners. When I buy produce, every strawberry and/or apple is good...and if its not, you can always take it back. Of course I have to give a shout out to the beer and wine department. The beer guy there is always helpful and willing to let you sample just about anything you want before buying. And the choices...

SO...happy one year anniversary, Whole Foods. I plan to hit the store this weekend for some FREE food, music and ...birthday cake!!

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