Monday, October 3, 2011

Friday Fullsteam Ahead!

Samantha walking into Fullsteam
Friday night we had company in town so we decided to head over to Durham for a drink at Fullsteam Brewery. Located near the corner of Geer and Rigsbee Street, its a family friendly spot that is always a pretty crowded mix of young and old. We have spent the last couple times there, teaching the girls tricks of the trade of mastering the pinball machine. They also have a ping pong table in the outside (covered) beer garden. While we were there we stood in awe as a 10 year old girl dominated the ping pong table! She was beating everyone she played. Even Matt couldn't resist and stepped up for the challenge. He's pretty good and she was hanging there right with him!  Very fun to watch. As usual, the beer was awesome and we enjoyed hanging out for a bit before heading over to Geer Street Garden for dinner.

If you are looking for a fun night out, these two places are a great pairing because you can park at Geer Street and then walk around the corner to Fullsteam. You can also check out Motorco Music Hall which is a great venue for checking out the local music scene. Plus, there is almost always a food truck or two hanging out between all these places. No lack of food, drink, music and fun here!!

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