Thursday, October 13, 2011

Channeling My Inner Architect

I just came across a pretty cool event that is going on this weekend in Raleigh's Cameron Village. Cameron Village has joined with Triangle Builders Guild, and other designers, architects, businesses and individuals to help raise money for the Sassafras All Children’s playground. This seems like a really fun thing to check out with big kids as well as young children. My inner architect is totally fascinated by these unique mini-structures! They look amazing! There is quite a variety of designs, with twelve houses to explore. They will all be auctioned off later for the fundraiser. With the weather looking amazing this weekend, could be a great afternoon out with the kids. The band Sandbox is playing and there are FREE tours from 11-5pm on Saturday. Not to mention the choice of restaurants and shops to explore! With company coming in, I am going to put this on our "things to do" this weekend! Click here for more info and to preview the houses.

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