Monday, September 19, 2011

A little Sunday afternoon Southern Culture...

 Sunday afternoon, beautiful 70ish degree day (finally!) and we find ourselves making our way down to Chapel Hill for a little outdoor concert featuring Southern Culture on the Skids, one of our favorite local bands. They were helping to raise money for a local preschool and after the kiddy music was over, they came on "stage" and rocked the little outdoor venue of Fox's theatre on the UNC campus. Kids running everywhere, it was hilarious to sit about three feet away and watch them crank out some of the old favorites. Being so used to seeing them at little dark smoky bars, this was quite the change of pace. They were fun, funky and always friendly to chat with us after the show. Rock on SCOTS! See you again soon in OCTOBER for the Halloween Hullaballoo show at Motorco!

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