Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Keeping it Simple and Fresh. Five ingredients. 30 years.

Fun morning out with local bloggers to meet and greet Executive Chef Philip Smith of  Brueggers Bagels. He was in town today from Vermont to help kick off Brueggers 30 year Anniversary celebration and we were lucky to get a personal tour and hear his passion about making amazing bagels with just five simple, quality ingredients.

It was fun to meet up, (thank you Laurie Cates!) and I appreciate being able to be involved. I will have more info on Bruegger's Bagels and their 30th Anniversary plans here very soon!!

L to R: Amy Dunn, Chana Lynn, Tina Saib, Leigh Powell Hines, Chef Philip Smih, Johanna Kramer and Molly Gold.

Fresh made today! Smoked Salmon and Dill Strate from leftover bagels.

Fresh out of the oven poppy seed bagels!

Five simple ingredients.

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