Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BRING ON THE FOOD TRUCKS! Food Waggin' event at Wilkinson Supply Co

This past weekend we decided to have lunch out at Wilkinson Supply Co in Raleigh at their first Food Truck Rodeo event. We were excited to go sample some food and help raise money for a great cause (we have our own rescue cat!) Wilkinson Supply Co joined forces with several popular local food trucks to help raise money for the SPCA of Raleigh.

It was a great opportunity to try out many popular food trucks and we were fortunate to sample without waiting in really long lines. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds along with  their owners came out and enjoyed relaxing and playing in the grass and sampling some terrific food.

The trucks that participated were

* Chirba Chirba Dumpling
* Klausie’s Pizza
* Captain Ponchos Tacos
* Chick-N-Que
* Porchetta
* Smiles the Cupcake Truck

What was really cool is that each Truck donated 10% of their  earnings from Saturday and then Wilkinson matched it!

I love that we had a chance to finally try Chirba Chirba.  I tried to get a sample at the last Food Truck Rodeo in Raleigh but the lines were massive. Deliciously fresh pork and mushroom dumplings and a delicious side salad of marinated cucumbers, made for a very tasty lunch.

We also ordered a couple of pork sandwiches from another favorite, Porchetta.  Lines were a bit longer at the very popular  Klausie's pizza and the smell of pizza was fabulous. My daughter enjoyed a delicious and spicy chicken BBQ sandwich from Chick-N-Que. Tacos at Captain Ponchos are always good and there was even Smiles cupcake truck for dessert!

If you missed this Food Truck event, no worries. More and more food truck rodeos, big and small are starting to pop up all around Raleigh and surrounding areas, especially this Summer.  Food trucks can also be found at many local businesses in their parking lots and commercial business parks. There's a great sense of community at these events. The best way to know where these trucks are (or if you are looking for a specific truck) is to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out this website to find out where your favorite Local  Food  Trucks might be making their next appearance.


Another HUGE Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo is set to happen downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville Street this Sunday June 9th. With the popularity of the first rodeo, they've expanded this next rodeo to cover  more streets with more trucks and  they are getting started earlier this time, at noon. Here's the other upcoming dates for the Raleigh Food Truck Rodeos this summer/fall.

June 9 - Free from 12-5pm
August 11 - Free from 4-9pm
October 13 - Free from 12-5pm

Customers getting in line for Chirba Chirba Food Truck.

Dumplings and Marinated Cucumbers

Crowds come out for some Food Truck lunch!

Something for everyone


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