Friday, January 20, 2012

Beer O'Clock

Well, its 5 o'clock somewhere (actually here) and its Friday and I'm thinking about a cold beer. No worries, Raleigh is now home to many new local shops where you can easily find a delicious locally crafted beer of your choice on draft or in a bottle. Whether you are looking for something brewed in the area or crafted somewhere else, there are lots of cool new options in Raleigh!! Suddenly, Raleigh has several new beer boutiques popping up all around the area and they are sure to satisfy any style/flavor of your liking. What I especially love about these bottle shops is that they are well organized and fun to shop and when you walk in you really enjoy the many decisions at your hands without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices.

Don't get me wrong, I love choices but personally a Total Wine or big box shop can be a little hard to make an easy decision. Another great thing is that these people are very well informed and can help you make a knowledgeable decision or turn you on to trying something new.

We checked out Tasty Beverage Co. last weekend in downtown Raleigh (across from the Pit and next to Jibarra). Its so great because its small, well organized and has an awesome selection (especially Belgian and German beers) and there's even a tasting bar in the back where you can sample some brews while you are there. Bottle Revolution on Lake Boone Trail has a similar set up (still need to get over there to check it out but looks very cool). Barley & Vine although specializing more in wine, is also a great place to do a little shopping and sampling and the owners are very well educated and friendly.  The Raleigh Wine Shop on Glenwood South also features beers and is a relatively new location to make purchases. And don't forget when you visit the new Tyler's Tap Room at Seaboard to pop into their bottle shop as well and do a little shopping. They just opened this month. There is also a really helpful and knowledgeable guy at Whole Foods on Six Forks (he's a Virginia Tech Hokie) and he can tell you everything about any beer in their extensive beer cooler). Its incredible all the small craft beers that are being produced in the US these days, and it's great to see the smaller businesses really reaching out there and making their mark, And I love supporting the smaller businesses as I mentioned it being one of my New Year's resolutions. I will be continuing to explore this cool trend (someone has to do it) as it grows in Raleigh but right now, I need to go pour myself a nice IPA....TGIF!

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